Friday, December 5, 2008


Today I saw a look on my DH face that is something I never want to see again. It was just devastation. He showed me today just how much he loves me. His face said it all.
I had my scan today for my neck. The radiologist called me in and asked me to sit down for a talk. I was thinking it was to tell me about my neck.
He did explain things about my neck and what would need to be done. And while I hated hearing it...I pretty much knew the details already.
What I was not expecting was the...we found something else.
While doing the special scan on my neck they found some nodules on my chest and lungs. The DR explained that these had to be followed up and he was sending a STAT report to the DR and it would be there in 30 minutes. He said we would need to follow up with a tissue sample from the nodules.
So now I am waiting....My in laws have taken Philip to get his shunt re set. As I was leaving the imagining center today...Philip was there with my FIL. I could not take him because I had to be medicated for the test today.
I guess I can admit that today is a really hard day. Makes me just anxious.
Maybe I will have some answers today. I sure hope least a plan of action.


Christin said...

I am praying for you Amy... and I love you... (((HUGS)))

Davisix said...

Oh Amy...I'm sorry. {{{HUGS}}} and prayers to you. You are on my heart! Love you, Ang

lmerie said...

I am over from Jane's, so I am new. Know that you are being lifted in prayer, I pray you will have comfort and peace and healing.


He And Me + 3 said...

Many many prayers for you.

bluesuede said...


I guess it goes without saying how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking. You know I adore you. I have asked some of my closest friends to keep you in their prayers. So, I hope you feel the love coming your way.

Prudentia said...

You know I'm here for you, my friend. I don't need to repeat here the things I've said on the phone ... except I do have a Dog Letters to God joke for you ...

Dear God,
When we get to Heaven, can we sit on your couch? Or is it the same old story?

Dear God, If a dog barks his head off in the forest and no human hears him, is he still a bad dog?

And finally ...

Dear God,
May I have my testicles back?

:) Love you.

HisTreasure said...

Hi Amy,
I've known of you for quite a while through my daughter, Christin. I've lived through some of the medical issues you are facing, and I pray - with understanding - that Jesus Christ will give you greater confidence and comfort than you could have imagined existed, and that He will envelope you and your family with His tender, sweet fellowship within your crucible.

Shannon said...

I will continue to pray for you, Amy. What a roller coaster you must feel like you live on. You are in my thoughts and prayers often.

Pretty Organizer said...

Sweetie, I'm praying for you. You've got a plate so full it would make Thanksgiving dinner look sparse. I'm not sure what the Lord has planned for you but I do know, beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Lord never gives anyone a trial beyond your own personal ability to endure. You must be one of his special and most elect ladies to balance this opportunity to grow closer to HIM. I wish I were closer to help out with kids and bring you some much deserved chocolate!

Keep us updated and keep faith. We're praying for you.

loves and hugs,
Pretty Organizer

Hope said...

I am adding you and your family to my prayer list. Thank you for the kind words, but I think you need them more than I do. Bless your heart! ((Hugs)). You are such a sweet person.