Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Change in Plans

Philip's scans did not happen today. I am really disappointed about this...but it is what it is. I am trying to hard to not control things...but I really want to..lol

He will have the scans this week..and I so pray we get some answers for him .

His arm is the same..and now his leg is having issues.

Pain meds and pain patches ...Not the way I want to see Philip.

I am so hopeful we get some answers this week. So we can help him. I so need to do something for him.

That is what us Moms do..Right Ladies?


Davisix said...

Hey Sweetie! Yes, that is what we moms do. {HUGS} to you. Keep us posted. Love you! Ang

bluesuede said...

I know how hard it is to just let go and let it all happen in its own time. I'm also a control freak, an organizer who likes everything planned -- no surprises. But, that's not the way life works, is it?

I wish I had a way to find all the answers for you. All of us who believe have to learn to just let go and let God take over.

I'm always here when you need me, and I always have you in my thoughts and especially, in my prayers.

Lisa said...

It is hard for me to not try to take control over everything so you aren't alone there. I ALWAYS have to remind myself that things don't happen in my time, but in God's time. Stay Strong and trust in God and he will help you through. Hugs!

Aimie said...

Poor Phillip. I hope he feels better today.

Meme said...

Hi Amy,
I jumped over from Ang's site. I will be praying in earnest for you and your husband, the whole family. May God encamp your entire family with his angels, may you come boldly before His throne and ask the desires of your heart. May you feel the peace and love of Jesus as He intercedes on your behalf. Please keep us updated.

Keli said...

It's our job to want to be in control! We are the MOM! I'm so sorry things were delayed. I'm praying and here's a {{{HUG}}}! xo Keli

Lisa said...

I will be praying for Philip, I so believe in prayer and I pray on my way to work and I pray for my blogging sisters, stopped over from Ang's place.

E said...

It's definitely what we Moms WANT to do - we just can't always fix it. I have an 18 years old who is physically healthy, but I'm watching him throw his life away. It is hard to watch your children go through 'things' that you have no control over. I thank God for his health, but I pray for him spiritually!!! He needs a spiritual healing.

I pray for Philip's physical healing!