Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Follow Up On My Idea

Last week I posted about a idea . I have been thinking a lot about this . After speaking to some people in the medical field I realised that the idea of finding a child through hospice is going to be hard due to the privacy act. My goodness I know about the privacy act. I hear about it and sign papers for it daily at DR appt. Ha

I never thought about the fact I know so many children and their families through my CB blogs. And how neat it will for us to know the family we spoil...

All week it has been nagging at me what direction I want to go with this. Yesterday it hit me and I am so darn excited.

I have contacted the person I am interested in spoiling and am so excited to hear back from them.

When I do hear back and get permission I would like to tell a little about this sweet girl and post her picture. Then I would love for some of you as my fellow blog friends to pray and see if you feel lead to maybe join in on my project...I am thinking of a catchy name...

When you hear about the details of this brave girl....you will just WANT to be involved. It will be a blessing to all of us.

So I am excited to post more about this later....

So who is as excited about this idea as I am?