Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sweet Santa Pic and Story..

Okay first I just have to say..Oh my goodness..isn't he so darn cute.

And I love him way too much....

He is such a blessing...

I wish you all could of been there to hear the conversation..

Santa..Hello young man..what would you like for Christmas?

Cole..Hey Santa...who is she and why is she here..

Me...Cole that is Mrs. Claus..she is here to see all the children.

Cole..Oh ok.

Santa ..so Cole what do you want Santa to bring you..

Cole...well Santa what I want is at Toys R us on isle three on the top shelf...

Santa...Thank you Cole..you made that very easy for me.

Cole...your welcome Santa. I saw it on TV and it said it was ONLY at Toys R Us ..which means your elves will not be able to make it.


Cole...I really like your belt...I wish I had one like it..

Santa..I like your shirt...

Cole then shows Santa how long the sleeves are if you stretch them.

The end.