Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just So Darn Cute..

I have been up sick all treatment has kicked my butt. I woke up very shaky and really sick . I have taken some of my meds and have the heating pad..I hate feeling so shaky It is hard enough to be sick but to be shaky and weak seems to make it so much harder..I think today might just be a really down slow day..and maybe that is just what I need. Okay I am done with giving the illness or cancer anymore attention in this post...I am thinking if I fake it is not here today ...I can make it a better day. Think it will work?

Is it just me or does he look like his hands are in the praying position? I am pretty darn sure he is praying that his Aunt Amy comes to visit him very soon. I need to be held and rocked and loved...oops..I meant of course He needs to be held rocked and loved.

This little sweet baby has kept my heart filled for months ...I love him so much and trust me he will know it. I am his only Aunt and he is my only nephew on my side of the in my selfish eyes..I am thinking we only have each other...Can you see my point of thinking?

I had kind of thought my sister might not "take" so well to this mommy thing and call me and say come and get him...Okay well one can wish..huh?

Sweet Jackson...your Aunt Amy knows you are a gift from God made just for memememememe...and I love you..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Long Over Due...

Look How Cole Transformed to this cute little man today...
Gosh he is so darn cute.
But not without a battle ...and some nose picking and some dirty looks ....even a are you crazy mom look...

Highlights From Our Road Trip..

See this sweet boy..He said he would help me get to Miami yesterday. He was all excited to go on a long road trip with all of us shoved in a small rental car with tons of junk food. One small problem..Do you all remember he has had a problem lately with throwing up on Emily...AKA car we started with him needing my sun glasses...doesn't he look so cute. Then he ended up with Chewable Dramine..Doesn't he look drugged. LOL.
Now I would have pictures of Emily next to him but and I quote..." No pictures.." I do not have any make up on". Now the make up she is referring to would be some lip gloss and a little blush.
So go ahead and thank me now...cause I saved you from
seeing Emily with no
make up
I rented twilight book four on tape and look back and Emily is sleeping...she swore she was going to stay awake and listen to it..

So as we are leaving Emily says..can we go shop at the new DASH....
Oh Shoot Emily we would but you do not have any make up on...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Aunt Amy Feels The Same Way Tonight Sweet Baby Jackson..
Please Do Not Cry For Me..Aunt Amy Will Be There Soon...
I Love You...
Aunt Amy
Gosh He Is Too Darn Cute..