Saturday, December 6, 2008

Original Christmas Nail Ornament Giveaway...

Original Christmas Nail Ornament

This is the Christmas Nail.It is to be hung on a sturdy branch,a branch near the trunk,a branch that will hold such a spike without being noticed by well-wishers dropping by to admire one’s tinseled tree.The nail is known only to the home that hangs it.Understood only by the heart that knows its significance.It is hung with the thought...that the Christmas tree but foreshadows the Christ-tree which only He could decorate for us, ornamented with nails as this.

For all my special friends...I have been thinking for a few days about doing a few giveaways. I had a special friend give me this nail as a gift and I thought this would be perfect for a giveaway. So with a lot of help from my friend Grace....I now have one to offer as a giveaway. Unlike the size fits all.
So I had planned to wait to post this until the last one was over. But with me having the operations I decided to go ahead and post this now. That way it is done, decided and mailed out .
So now I bet some of you wanna know how to win...I had thought about a few ways. One thought was adding my blog pic link to your sidebar. I decided that was something I would love to ask of all of you. But I am not going to make it part of this. If you feel lead to add the pic link, then please add.
So to be added to the giveaway chance to win this Christmas a holiday tradition that you had as a child and or do with your family. I LOVE to read this type of message.
I will draw names and post the winner on Tuesday.


Stacy C. said...

Every year we buy the kids new pj's.That is what they get to open Christmas Eve.

Christmas moring everyone comes to my house around 6am. I always cook breakfast for everyone.

Cassandra said...

We have so many, but one of my favorites is getting a family ornament & one for each of the boys every year! My Mom used to do that with me & now I have all my ornaments from over the years! I love to think about how one day I will pass them on to my boys when they have their own families!

You are in my prayers as you have so much coming up!

Shannon said...

I guess I'm not as original as I think because, no joke, the two things I was gonna list are already on here from other gals.

We do the Christmas Eve pj's. My parents did it with me and now I do it with mine. Also a special ornament each year. In fact I just bought little Decaf's yesterday.

And your "pray for Philip" has been on my blog a while and I am praying for you too!

Davisix said...

Hi Friend! I love this giveaway! So precious!!

We bake Jesus a birthday cake every year. The kids love it, we sing and everything. I hope they still like to do it when they get older.

Praying for you and Philip. xoxo Ang

Kimorexia said...

I don't get away with this any more, but when my children were very small I would prepare a breakfast picnic to eat in their room before they came out to see the presents. They didn't really get it at the time, so they didn't mind - they loved it! I'd spread a cloth on the floor and arrange plates with goodies on it. I was sooooo uptight about making sure they'd get some nourishment before a long morning of opening presents! Back then, they'd open one and want to play with it for a while before moving on to the next. Adults would want them to hurry, except for me. I didn't care of the magic lasted a few days! But first things first - some food to keep them from getting cranky!

He And Me + 3 said...

We put the tree up every year on Thanksgiving night as a family.

JANE said...

Ok, I've got Phillip's button up on Jungle so do I get an extra point for that!! Just kiddin....

OK, we always had an advent calender in our house growing up long before they were popular. And now, as we've had each child I get them an advent calender of their own their first Christmas, and actually do it before they're born if I'm expecting at Christmas. And my oldest son actually has the calender we used when I was growing up!!
How's that!!

Keli said...

What an awesome giveway! We have a few but one that is my very favorite is an ornament exchange. My mom, sister and I exchanged an ornament every year. She passed away a few years ago and now I love looking at each one and have so many memories. We do the exchange now with Dad! We love it! I also buy the kids one new ornament each year. I plan on giving them to them when they move away for their first tree. Oh and I added Philip's button the other day. X0 Keli

eske said...

My husband and I each have several siblings. None of us has much in the way of needs, we all just have wants. So over the years, both sides have developed gift giving traditions for the siblings outside of ourselves. In my family, for over a decade, each year we alternate years, oldest to youngest, choosing a charity to donate the combined monies we would have spent on each other for Christmas. In my husband's family, each year we pick a charity to have the other's siblings donate to, instead of buying Christmas presents. Of course there is still much gift giving from all of us to each others children, as well as to both of our mothers.

One really nice part of this tradition has been learning more about each other by learning what is near and dear to each of us.

Anonymous said...

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