Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Very Special Thank You

Can you think back to that one very special teacher in your life that made a difference? The one who maybe took a little extra time to make sure you knew they cared? Or was just a wonderful teacher that touched your life?
Well Philip has had a teacher that has done all this and more. His name is Chris Bryans. He has been Philip's teacher for years and a friend to our family. Long ago I knew that there was something different about Mr. Bryans. Not only was he a wonderful teacher but a wonderful Godly man.
I can not tell you the times he has called the house to check on Philip. Or sent me emails to make sure he was okay. Tutored him all summer so he could get his credits in school. Picked him up and took him to a show to meet a very special Pearl Harbor Veteran . Then when Philip was about to go into the hospital for a serious operation this brave Pearl Harbor Veteran called Philip to wish his well. Because Mr. Bryans had told him about Philip's medical issues.
He even took Philip to interview one of the last remaining Pearl Harbor Vets for his final exams. What a wonderful blessing that was.
He also drove a group of teenage kids from school to come visit Philip in ICU to visit Philip. And has offered to do the same for this operation.
Mr. Bryans has always told me that if I ever needed anything to just give him a call. I think he may not do that again. Ha. A few months ago I got to thinking about Philip's birthday and what would make it special. Philip has always had a special respect for Bob Dole. Every time there was a book report in history that was due he would write it on Bob Dole. He added Bob Dole to his myspace. One day he told me a bunch of facts about Bob Dole. The one that stood out was...Bob Dole has little or no use out of one of his hands. He told me how Bob Dole would hold a pen in his weak hand so he would not have to shake hands with that hand. He also told me that Bob Dole reminded him that having only one hand did not mean you could not do something with your life.
As the years went on we would joke with Philip about Bob Dole and his Viagra commercials. Philip would just laugh and then go into great detail about how wonderful Bob Dole is.
So I called Mr. Bryans and asked him if we would help me get a book signed for Philip from Bob Dole. Let me tell you..if you want a job done..just ask Mr. Bryans.
A short time time later Mr. Bryans calls and tells me he has the book.
Yesterday Philip was surprised and honored to have a signed book from someone he so admires. Mr. Bob Dole.

Dear Philip,
You are a young man of courage and convictions.
Thank You,
Bob Dole


Sheryl said...

OH how wonderful is that?!

lmt1073 said...

Oh that is too cool... it's great to have people like that in your life!

Rachel said...

That is SO inspiring! That someone cares so deeply for your son and goes out of his way to show it.

Just amazing and such a blessing!

What a terrific gift!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I'm in tears reading this. In the past few weeks I have seen so many amazing acts - I have been the recepient of so many kind words. To know that there are still so many beautiful and amazing people in this world.....

You and Phillip are always in my thoughts, it makes me happy to know that there are so many beautiful people in your life, that God is watching over you and your boy in so many ways right here....were we can see him!!

Mari said...

How great is that? What a wonderful guy - what a blessing for Phillip!

Brittany Ann said...

Wow! I am so touched by this! Mr. Bryans is inspiration to us teachers everywhere. Thanks for sharing this story!

April said...

Mr. Bryans sounds like a remarkable teacher, mentor and friend! What a blessing to have him in your lives! I love the story about Bob Dole and how he autographed a book just for Philip...makes me like him all the more!

Mya said...

That is just the sweetest!!!!!!!!!

What's next said...

That is so sweet!