Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me Monday..

Please pray for Baby Stellan. He is sick and in the PICU with a heart issue they are trying to correct with medication. I pray that the Dr can find the right medication to help this sweet baby boy. I pray for peace for MckMama during this very difficult time.Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Sometimes being a mom and keeping a straight face can be hard. I did NOT laugh when Philip and Emily got into a BIG argument this week. When Philip said as serious as can be to listen to you Emily and how perfect you are... you might be the next Virgin Mary. I did NOT have a moment of OMG that was a great way to hush her up. And I sure did NOT look at her and wait to see what she would say back. And how rude would it be if I had that was too funny. I would NOT do that? But it sure did hush Emily right up.
I did NOT ask Cole where he learned to be so bossy and he sure did NOT put his hands on his hip and say from you mommy. That Child is very confused. Ha
Cole did NOT say to me this weekend that he thought he might throw up. Emily did NOT tell him he was fine and maybe car sick. As I tried to hand Emily a bag for Cole., the one she was so sure she did NOT need. Cole did NOT throw up all over Emily from head to toe. I so did NOT gag to not throw up..cause you know me and being sick on weekend. And I so did NOT laugh so hard because Emily was sitting there with Cole Tre puke all over her..and he said as sweet as can be. Wow I feel better. Can we go to the park. I think Emily might learn to listen when the little mean says he might throw up.
I did NOT give in and watch Marley and Me this weekend . I did NOT then cry for a hour after it ended. I am NOT thinking I may be having some type of emotional breakdown. But this is a form of thearpy. Right?
I Cole did NOT ask me who shot me and when I asked him what he meant he did NOT point to a zit I have. Has he not learned the rule. Do NOT ask such things?
I am NOT a tad anxious about my PET today. I am NOT thinking about it non stop. I know I will not be alone. God is with me and many of you have promised to keep me in your thoughts. You do remember that, right?
I am NOT adding a emergency dentist appt to my busy day today for miss Emily. I did NOT have to call our peds dentist Sat night. I am dreading what he may have to do today. I did NOT have to remind myself as I thought about how we would get everything done be thankful this is a normal crappy thing..not a BIG deal. Please pray it is not going to be a big deal. Ok?
Okay I am NOT here doing this so maybe we may be late and not been seen today. Nah..I know we have to go...soooo
I am NOT going to be back later. Wink Wink.


Stacy said...

I bet she will listen from now!

Aspiemom said...

Very funny! Your kids are full of laughs, aren't they? Not only Cole Tre puking on his sister, but asking you about who shot you! lol

Hope your test goes well today and that you have a better week.

Hope said...

I am cracking up. You are so funny. It's great to know Philip is arguing, though! He has some fire in him, just like his Mom!

misty said...

I finally am reading a not me on a Monday..ha..always enjoy your not me's...made my morning!

misty said...

I wanted to add I'm sending extra prayers for your scan today and hope Emily's dentist appt goes well too.I still don't know how you manage to do all you are faced with each day...amazing lady is all I can say.God Bless!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

OMG, I literally laughed out loud about the vomiting!!! That's a totally priceless story that will have to be retold for many many years!!!!!
As for everything else that you're NOT worried about, hope it all goes as well as possible!!!!!!!

ANd I hosted a MR Linky for NMM if you want to hop over to my blog to share your list there for this week.

AmberW said...

Poor poor Emily... she sure got beat on this weekend! lol

I love your NOT ME's... see you soon;)

bluesuede said...

Well, my best friend did not throw up on me in the middle of the night at Girl Scout camp with only cold water to wash my hair with. Oh, and she did not remind me years later what we had for supper that night -- camp fire stew! Yuck!