Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ask and I will Answer..

I have already gotten some great questions. Tomorrow I will start answering them.
As many of you know I started my blog to have a place to come talk about boring daily events. Ha. You know that made you laugh...
Not long after I started my blog I had surgery for a pre cancerous mass and had my first operation. Then the big operations and the diagnosis. Never in a million years did I have any idea what a turn my life and this blog would take.
Then Philip's issues became more complicated.
And as life has it way with us..I shared with each of you.
With that being said..I am working hard to start at the beginning of Philip's story and hope each of you will join in reading to learn more about him ...and well to enjoy seeing how God has worked in our life .
I know many of you have questions and I usually email you back with the answers.
I had a idea...scary huh?
I am going to ask each of you who have questions about anything dealing with ..well ME or US. Ask and I will answer. That is scary to
I have a feeling with some of the great questions I get sometimes...maybe others wonder the same let's ask and answer here.
So ask away...and I will do my best to answer...
Ask about me, other adorable DH..where we we live..what we eat..what we do...and what we hope to happen. Ya know..ask it all..
I will answer a few each day.
Anyone wanna go first? If you do not have a blog...but can email me the question..and I will answer here.

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ixtapacheryl said...

Amy I am so sorry I haven't posted on your blog lately. I'm just getting caught up now.

My husband Jeff passed away peacefully on Saturday 4/4 at 2:40PM. He stopped breathing at that time but his heart didn't stop until 3:05PM. He was taken to the hospital the evening of 4/2 with a ruptured abdominal aneurysm (slow leak) and survived until Saturday. I had a chance to get a Priest in for the last rites - and plenty of time to talk to him even though he very seldom answered.

It was cute after the Priest had finished I told him that now when he got to Heaven he must pray for all of us poor souls. All he said in a joking manner was "not now". I also apologized for losing my patience with him this past year - it wasn't about him but about the situation. He jokingly snapped my nose with his finger.

I talked to the vascular surgeon and he said Jeff had a 30% chance of surviving the surgery and if he did - his kidney's would fail and he'd have to go for dialysis. Add that complication to the cancer in his brain and added pain from the surgery - it wasn't wise to put him through this.

I then talked to the Oncologist and he said that it was just a matter of time as the cancer had returned. I just felt so guilty about not letting him have the surgery but they all said I made the right choice. I guess I'll go to my death bed never believing that.

I miss him so much - the house seems so empty (except for my two Tonkinese cats) who also feel a loss.

Please know I continue to pray for both you, Phillip. You are a strong wife and mother and you will survive. Faith is so important and I know you have that.