Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Philip's Story..Part Four

Take a minute to read from the start of Philip's story. I hope you will enjoy getting to see what miracle God has shown in Philip's life before he was even born.
Original post, Part One, Part two, Part three.

This is will be the last part of Philip's story before we figured out he was sick . In so many ways it is sad to think we only have three weeks or stories and pictures to share before our son's life changed so drastically. But as I have said before. I feel so blessed that we had those three weeks. We did not know any thing was wrong. And we were the parents are a sweet healthy perfect baby boy.
One thing I am really thankful for is...the few pictures I have of him before he got sick. Back then we did not have the whole digital ..click and here they are luxury. And of course I had no reason to think we would not have a lifetime to get pictures of Philip at home, happy and healthy. So these pictures mean so much to me.
I am shocked by my emotions while doing this. Talk about some sweet and yet painful memories. I guess I did not realise that I had shoved some of those earlier days deep down. Why? I am not sure. Thank you for taking the time to go back with me in time.
As I continue to do this..I hope you will continue to follow me as I show nothing shy of a miracle ...God is GOOD and he has always protected Philip.
Tell me...how cute is that baby?
Can you tell I LOVE being a new mommy.
Shannon..not one word about my fluffy hair. I miss that hair. LOL

I have to laugh at this picture. Did I think he would roll off the blanket on the floor. I think this should be titled NEW MOMMY.


Rebecca Jo said...

Love these old pictures!!!

And can I make a comment about the 80's hair? Totally AWESOME!!! ;o)

Vickie said...

I love reading Philip's story! Thank you so much for sharing these early memories with us.

Aspiemom said...

Love that hair, Amy!

I probably wouldn't even have noticed in that last picture that you had the little "protection guards" set up ON THE FLOOR! At first glance, I thought he was on a bed. That is so funny! But you were being a very careful, loving mommy!

Kim H. said...


Mari said...

I'm glad you are sharing Philips story with us. What a beautiful baby!

Grace said...

I did the roll the burp cloth on the floor thing too... funny how we look back and see how some things we've done are just plain silly.

Blissful Babe said...

I can relate on so many levels!! Girl, we need to get together for coffee. :P

Thank you for sharing these!!