Thursday, April 9, 2009

My PET Scan ....from Emily's view.

Yesterday I had my PET scan. This is my second one. And the first time Emily was with me for my appointment. She really wanted to go and I thought it might be good for her to be with me . But I will share that when we were there she got a really bad attitude and was just being sort of nasty. I finally looked at her and said what in the world is wrong with you...Why are you acting this way. She said..This makes everything more real for me. It was really sad and I just did not have a quick fix for her. So we decided to make it as "fun" as a PET can be.
Emily took some pictures and we decided to share them with you.
So here is my PET from Emily's view..

Here The Dr is seeing what access they can use..

And here I am waiting. Doing some serious thinking.

Emily really liked this one..She stayed in a separate room after my injection. So when I was done she wanted a picture with it showing I was what she called Radioactive.

Hope you enjoyed "Emily's View" for my PET scan.


Shannon said...

You're really gonna hit the roof when I tell you the kids have been gone to their Granny's house in GA the past few days. excuse for the lack of Amy Time is lousy. Maybe we can talk tomorrow (which is technically today since it's a little after midnight).

I really feel bad for Emily and the emotions she is having that are hard to express and deal with. When do you get the PET results? Well, we can talk about that tomorrow/today.

Sleep well tonight I hope.

Shannon said...

oh yeah, I won a giveaway... the Favorite Things from Sassy. And I entered it because you blogged about it. So does this mean I have to share with you? :)

Rachel said...

I've been there. And it does make things more real.

I'm trying to talk my mom into asking for one right now - since I know docs don't like to spend the $$$ on it unless they have to.

Praying for EXCELLENT results on your PET scan... no surprises except good ones.

Still praying

Beth E. said...

Praying for GREAT results!

AmberW said...

That makes my heart hurt!!
Poor Emily, but was a great daughter.
Looks like you guys had a lot of "fun" at the scan... and it was nice to see it through Emily's eyes!