Sunday, April 5, 2009

Philip's Story..Part Three

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Before I move on to the part where Philip goes into the hospital I wanted to post a few more pictures and stories about Philip from the first few weeks at home. There will be plenty of hospital and medical post. I really NEED to focus on these for a few more post. Will you join me in taking a look at the earlier days of Philip's life when he was healthy ? Before all the medical drama and worry.
In a lot of ways I had forgotten some of these times. While they were very special I have to admit they did get over shadowed by the medical memories. So see this has already been so good for me. I LOVE looking at how sweet and beautiful he is in these pictures. I know every mom thinks their baby is perfect . But I just knew he was the most beautiful baby that ever had been born at that hospital. Okay ..I am just saying..look at the pictures..
I wanted to share a few cute PG things. I went into pre term labor at 3 weeks and a few days. The Dr had me come into the hospital and drink this paregoric stuff. So I wanted to have Philip right then. So I tell Jim to drink it. He tells me heck I say to him..It will make you high..LMBO. Like I thought that would work. he still did not drink it. Oh well. Two days later I am feeling contractions and thinking comes the paregoric again. I call the DR and he says. Come to the hospital and if you are dilated we will keep you. So I decide to go tell my mom..I was at her house. So as she was in the bathtub washing her hair I say Mom the Dr wants to see me at the hospital in 20 minutes. She says thanks for waiting till I am washing my hair. But in my mind I am sure I am drinking the paregoric. So off we go to the hospital. Mom makes me drive cause she is stressed. Ha..of course she is. She does not have power steering and I am big and PG but hey I will drive.
We get to the hospital and Woo Hoo I am going to be kept..He is going to add some poticin and we will have a baby...Easy ..huh? Oh crap where is Jim? We should find Jim...So we wait for him to get home from school and he gets a call from his mom..and well...he freaks a little. He says tell that Dr to make her drink that stuff that she says makes you high. We are not ready. Ha..hush Jim..
Jim comes and we settle down..we are going to have a baby..I watch every single contraction. The nurse might want to get some sleep it is going to be a LONG night. Oh please lady I am having a baby. I know what I am doing. Oh dear God I did not know what I was doing. My mom told Jim to go down stairs to eat and she would hang out with me. The DR came in and broke my water and all hell broke lose. poor Jim came in and he had no idea where his wife had gone. I begged for the meds that made the contractions go away..the paregoric know the get ya high meds. and I would go home and rest for a while and come back..NO NO NO. Ok Then I wanted a epidural. But could I get one NO. cause back then you had to go to some class to have one..I did not go to the class..I was early and well I knew I would not need one. I was going to breathe...So I tell the nurse that my mom is there to go get her. Then I explain that my mom has her checkbook and will write a check for whatever amount is needed for a epidural. NO NO NO. I am telling you back then they were not all let's give ya drugs to make ya feel so much better. I did get some staydol..and I needed more. So I get to 10 and I push and I push and I push for 4 1/2. No baby. The nurse would say..Oh I see hair...I would think yank him out by his hair. So finally we go for a csetion..
They come in and is the paperwork for the epidural. I am thinking are you serious I did not take the freakin class..remember. You would not let me have one. NO CLASS NO epidural. But then a dang pushing contraction hit and they said no pushing till the OR. So instead of proving my point that I should of had the epidural without the class..I said here I signed give it to me NOW. Quick.
I was so glad to be awake cause I just know something will happen and I need to see him. If you remember I had 3 mc and I was sure I would never be a mom. So off we go..I was drugged up and as serious as can be..I look at my dr and I say..I am never going to forgive you for this. I meant to say I will never forget this...he still laughs about that. Then my epidural did not work on one side and on and on and on...So I say where is Jim. Tell him to come in. I swear to this day they said He is drinking a coke and reading the newspaper resting he is tired. I was livid ...But they swear they said he is right outside the room. I know what I heard ...who do you believe?
That was at 11:20 PM April 19th on a Thursday. The Day I was blessed to be a mommy.
The sweetest memory I have from that whole night was. The nurse was wheeling me to my room and she said someone wants to tell you goodnight.
She brought Philip out and she said...Meet your baby ...You are a mommy now. I remember that like it was yesterday. God sure did bless Jim and I that day.

I want to thank each of you who are following me on this journey of Philip's story. I have spent time thinking and praying about things from the earlier days that I had pushed down deep. I needed this. And It is so nice to share it with my special friend..each of you.


Rachel said...

I know every mom is biased.

But you're right.

He is just a beautiful, beautiful baby.

And I laughed and got teary-eyed through your delivery story. What a gift of love!

Hold on to those wonderful memories of meeting your miracle son. God has a purpose in your lives. Thank you for sharing!

AmberW said...

I love this journey and I LOVE me some birth stories.
Your "I'm never going to forgive you" line CRACKS ME UP!!
And you can pass this message on to Jim "How DARE you drink that Diet Coke and read the newspaper while your wife is in pain!!!!" hahaha....
I believe YOU!
Thank you for sharing your guys' story with us - I feel privileged to be apart of this with you...

Shannon said...

I can't believe you had to drive!!! That sounds like something that would happen with my mom. :)
Amy, that picture of you and Philip brought tears to my eyes. The sweet, innocence of it. What a beautiful picture and a blessing he is.

Juls said...

...this reminds me of the dramatic, yet sweet events of my first time becoming a mom... thanks for sharing again, I am really enjoying that you are taking the time to share the earliest days... those are the ones that pass in a blink...who am I kidding..all of our kids' days pass in a blink.. :) This is awesome, really!

Aspiemom said...

That's such a neat story! I like how you ended it.

And I think it's so funny that your mom wanted YOU to drive because SHE was stressed! lol

misty said...

Love the story...thanks so much for sharing with us! God bless!

Kim H. said...

I've now read each of the three stories, and I'm hooked... I need to know more!

Lezlei Ann Young said...

thanks for sharing your precious memories.