Sunday, April 5, 2009

My favorite Things.

Sassy and the Boys is having a giveaway. Okay yes I know...yes..I said I know. I enter. I blog. I do not win. LEAVE me alone. I am a mess. Did you see my picture? Be glad I am bloging giveaways and not drinking.

Scroll down and see some of my favorite things.

Now this giveaway has a little extra step...I have to post some of my favorite things.

I do not think I need to even do I?

Trapp Candles. I LOVE these candles and I NEVER buy them for myself. I have had one 7 ounce one forever that I never burn anymore cause it is almost GONE. I Love the scent...Jasmine Gardenia and Tropical Isle. The most awesome candle ever.

Clinique..Aromatics Elixir Okay I LOVE this. It is my all time favorite. I ONLY use it for VERY special ocassions or ocassions where I need to feel special. I have a few sprays left so I am trying really hard to pick and choose occassions. I am planning to use a spray for my PET scan ...cause well you know..and for Philip's operation. And well maybe a spray or two for some sweet talkin with my DH.


Actually I love the frozen drinks there..but I will take any I can get. Ha


Shannon said...

One of these days you will win something!!!! And one of these days we'll be sipping our Starbucks together and having fun. :)

Grace said...

I'm thinking if you had the thought of utopia (excluding your it would be:

Soaking in the tub with some PINK... with the Jasmine Gardenia candles burning on the window sill, the Aromatics waiting on the counter top for when you get out of tub... and a diet coke in the left hand and a Starbucks Ice Blended with SF Hazelnut in the right...

Now...does that sound like heaven? ahhhh

Amy B said...

Umm...Grace can you make that happen..except for the kids? Yep..That is what I need.

Amy B said...

Miss Shannon..
It will not be long till we get to meet up and go for starbucks..are you looking forward to it as much as I am?

Grace said...

Sure, I can make that happen... just say when... deal?

Aspiemom said...

I still don't know what PINK is!