Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anyone intrested in?

I had posted these in the past and I thought they were sold but the lady never mailed the I am again...

Anyone Wii?
I have a few sealed Wii games I am going to sell...If you want a package deal..let me know. I thought I would ask here vs Ebay. I am going to put this money towwars some medical bills.

Sonic Riders..Zero CRRUITY
Sega Superstars...Tennis
Sonic...and the Secret Rings
AMF Bowling Pinbusters
Speed Racer
Wii Play
DragonBallZ..Budokai Tenkaichi 3


Rachel said...

Hi Amy -

I might have someone interested... could you email me with what you're asking for them? :)

Thanks and hope you're having a great day with many unexpected blessings.


Amy Fichtner said...

I am intersted in the bowling game for sure. Please e-mail me with a price.