Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Answers to some questions..

This week I posted Ask and I will Answer.
I have gotten some great questions . Many of you emailed me the questions and I will also answer them here.
I think I will continue to do this each week for a keep asking and I will keep answering.

1. It was a honor to have Meaghan visit my blog. I have followed this brave lady long before I had any idea I had any medical issues. In fact she had offered to send me some samples of a fruit drink for Philip to try after one of his operations.
Meaghan has asked me if I would be willing to post my story on her blog. I emailed her and told her I would love to . She has been a inspiration to me for so long. I feel honored she asked me. I will let you know when he gets it posted.

2. Mari who has been so supportive while I have been dealing with my medical issues said she has been following me and wanted to know where my cancer is. Mari , I know it is hard to jump in the middle and not know the details. In a few days Meaghan will have my story posted on her blog and that will help explain some of the details. But in short ...I had two lumps in my neck that were removed and found to be cancer. While doing some testing it was found that I have some nodules on my chest wall..and also two masses in my right breast. Here is a post I wrote a while ago with some details. I will let you know when my story is up...and please ask me any questions you have about my story. I am new to all of this and to be honest I am still learning the ends and out also. Thank you so much for following my story.

Amy and Lori asked me two questions that I am going to answer in a separate blog post. They asked some great questions and I want to share with you tomorrow my answers.

If anyone else has any questions..Please feel free to ask.


Mari said...

Thanks for the answers. I went back and read the link you posted. Now I'll understand a little better when you post about your health.

Beth E. said...

What a strong, brave person you are! I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you. :o)