Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something For The Kids...Giveaway

Have not had a giveaway in a while and today seems like a great day to do just that. Don't ya think?

Who wants to win this cute little webkins Pig?

The rules are simple...comment on a cute story about your child and their love of their webkins...or wanting a webkins...

Next Friday Cole will pick a winner and off to the post office we will go to mail your piggy to you.


annie kelleher said...

that is one cute lil pig... though i cant send you a cute story about my kid and a webkin, i CAN invite you to partipate in my 600-post/nurture yourself through winter giveaway that i started today over on my blog!! please come by and check it out!

He And Me + 3 said...

That is so sweet of you to have a giveaway for the kids. My kids have about 6 webkinz that still have the code on them and they keep asking for more. What is wrong with them? It is a serious addiction. What doctor do we see for this? LOL

Dawn said...

Amy, my daughter received her first Webkins for Christmas and it was love at first sight. A cow, she named Gus. Today, her birthday, we acquired the Cardinal, aptly named Red. She can finally get together with her friend online in Md and Webkins together. I know she would love this little guy. Thanks for this great little give away. You remain in our prayers as well as Phillip. Blessings!

hannahmade soaps said...

Amy we don't have any webkins, but my children are ever so attached to their stuffed animals. The other day my very tender-hearted filled with love for the Lord and everyone else 4 yo daughter gave her little brother her blues clues puppy "cuz he doesn't hab one". :)
If we one, I'd definitely reward the prize to my sweet little Victoria.

Dee Dee, mom of Hannah... and 11 others

come over and enter Hannah's giveaway!

*Keli* said...

Webkinz..gotta love them! Moo has 24! Some were gifts, some she bought on her own and some she had to earn. She names them the cutest names, the chicken is Dixie Chick, the cow is Big Mac and so on. I'm not sure I really have a story but she cares for each and every one of them like they were "real". They all having amazing rooms and are all well fed and loved on. : )

Sorry, I'm once again behind on commenting on others blogs! I think about you all the time and I'm still praying for you sweet friend! xo Keli

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,
If this shows you how disconnected I am... I just googled Webkin - to learn what this is all about. Very cute - but Hunter isn't online yet.... Does Cole go on the computer to play?
Hugs to you and your family!
Pam & Hunter

Lea said...

I've seen them all over the place and think they are adorable. My children are too old for them, but I'm not! I would adore this little guy for a lifetime, should I be lucky enough to win.
Thanks for the giveaway. I've just posted my very first giveaway and am so excited about it!

Please check it out and if you're so inclind too, enter!