Monday, January 5, 2009

Few Things At Once

Can I just say that today is NOT going great. I woke up swollen in my neck..just part of recovery. Sick from my antibiotics . Started to itch and guess what? I have hives...I am getting a tad closer to that WHY ME question? LOL. I am NOT going to keep saying things could get worse..cause that is not working lately... so instead I will say why NOT me? Cause this too shall pass...right?
Just as I was typing this I got a call from the old oncologist office reminding me of a appt next week..what a nice feeling to think I am not with his practice anymore. I am so blessed to of found the DR I will be treated by now. That alone makes this all okay.
Since I can not leave the house...can I conduct a little business from bed rest?

Just curious if anyone is looking for some Wii games...I have a few I am planning to list on ebay but thought I would ask here first..cause I hate dealing with

I am open to prices...really I am...and I am on pain

I have a
Sonic Tennis game ..opened and not played..wanna ask me why? I am sure someone I will answer..cause they got two and two different children opened one each..Crud.
Sonic and the secret Rings..sealed
Speed Racer..sealed

Also if anyone is thinking of buying a IPOD anytime soon..I am thinking of selling Philip;s Apple 30G ( works perfect) still has about a year left on Best Buys warranty. Philip is really wanting a 8g Ipod when he is at DR appt, or ER or hospital he can be online...who can blame him, right? He spends so much time away from home dealing with would be nice.
Best Buys online has it for $199...
But of course money is I thought...well he does not need to have both IPODS so maybe I can sell his and use that money towards a ipod touch.. Is any of this making sense?

Now for some freebie stuff...

I want to offer something I have that works fine but I have no need for..I have a JVC camcorder..just needs a battery..and I may even have one of those here. It is a small handheld camcorder...a few years old...and just a basic one. We have a Sony one we got door buster two years ago..and my camera has a camcorder I am hating it just not being used. I do know that any extras can be such as batteries can be bought online..
I would love anyone who does NOT have a camcorder and would like one to comment or email me and tell me why you would like one..and what you would video... TAKEN BY MY SWEET FRIEND LISA...

Some of you may know that I lost 95 over the last year so as you can imagine I have some clothes that I bought along the way and did not really get to use. I have a few really cute pretty dresses that are brand new or worn once..size Large. Now since sizes are different I will say this. I am 5'3 and these fit me when I was about 175ish. I hate to just get rid of these because I really like them. But I also know that I can not wear them and someone can get use out of them. If you are interested..let me know...Free if you promise to wear them.

Oh and since I am putting freebies on here..I have a cute pair of leather sandals..kind of slip on's,,light brown leather size 7..worn never..

And I have a DH who will not do dishes, wash or cook..Oh sorry did I blog that? LOL


Aspiemom said...

I'm sorry you are having such a lousy day. You aren't having an allergic reaction to one of your antibiotics, are you?

Sometimes the abx make you feel worse than you do when not taking them. (Just like me and Prednisone right now!)

I might be interested in the dresses. I wear size 14-16 and am 5'3". You don't happen to have pics of yourself wearing them, do you? Short-sleeved, by any chance. (Hot flashes, you know!)

{i}Post said...

How great to be "cleaning out." I am doing that this year too. I decided to go with "Simplicity" as a theme for 2009. So, cleaning out of course, goes along with that idea!

Keep getting better!

angi_b72 said...

Oh...I really hope that you get to feeling alittle better. You are in my prayers!!

You can keep the i would be interested in the Sonic and speed racer games that you have. Just email me and let me know!!
Keep yur chin up!!

Lisa said...

OH MY GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY - Are you serious about giving away your camcorder? I had a Sony one that I bought with my grandpa's inheritance money and used it to record pretty much everything that had to do with Cameron until it died and now it won't eject Cameron's 1st Birthday party tape. So, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it and well I would record none other then Cameron and that sweet sweet face. Oh my goodness, how exciting!!

Feisty Frugal and Fabulous said...

Hi! Thanks for entering my contests. I'm looking for the post where you blogged about them but can't find it, can you email me (link is in my profile) with the link? Thanks.

AmberP said...

I HATE lousy days!!
Girlie, I would have been saying WHY ME forever ago... you are a better person than me I tell you.
I hope you start feeling better - and that the hives go away :(
You are a sweet lady for all your giveaways... and if I had a Wii I would be all over those games. Hmmmm... I think I need to get me a Wii.
I hope you can get Phillip an ipod touch, that would be great!

Melissa said...

I'm so there with you. Why ME? But like you said, why NOT?

My doctor told me today, "well at least you aren't getting worse..." I just kind of looked at her weirdly and shuffled out of the room.

I'll bet you'll have no problem finding a new home for all your stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Amy, yes you blogged that... my DH won't do dishes or laundry - if you consider cooking pizza cooking - then I guess he cooks!

I'd love to hear how Cole is doing - what is he doing now??? How tall is he getting?

Pam (Seattle)

annie kelleher said...

i could use a pair of new sandals in size 7 but i hate to ask for them so if you find someone who needs them, please give them to that person!

Alicia said...

Hi Amy!!'re such a sweetie. Thinking of things to give away while you're not feeling good!!!

I would be interested in the tennis game. I saw somebody has already requested the speed bummers! LOL