Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prayer Request

For those new can click on Philip's picture with the dolphin ,it takes you to his site and read his story for a little background on his medical issues.

Tonight I come to my new blogger Friends to ask for prayers. My son Philip is hurting and i just am at my wits end with worry, frustration . So with that being said. I thought I would put his medical update here tonight. Thanks for taking time to read.

Well today has been a really rough day. I just am not sure what in the world is going on and what we are going to do about it. But Philip is worried and I would never let him know but so am I.
Phillip has had major pain in his left arm all has spasmed all day and had pain ...all day. I finally gave him a strong nerve type pain medication but it did not touch the pain. I could feel the muscle jumping around on his left arm. The scary thing is...this is his non stroke side. So today he has had no real function out of either side. This has been not only very painful but scary and very frustrating for Philip. I have not seen Philip this quite and sad and down in a long time. I know between his head and his pain today has been a long hard day.
I will be calling the DR first thing in the morning because there is no way we can do this one more day.
If you would please pay for some relief for him tonight. He needs to get some rest. He is starting to panic with it being so out of control.


Rae said...

Oh Amy! Of course we will pray for Philip and for you!

Davisix said...

My entire family is praying for Philip, Amy. Thank you for coming to us and allowing us to lift him up. I pray specifically for relief tonight....for both of you. xoxo Ang

He And Me + 3 said...

Please keep us posted and I am praying.

2big said...

sorry he is going through so much pain right now. Will be praying this doc is broad educated one so even if it isn't a neuro issue they will try to figure it out for y'all and not say sorry can't help with this.

one thing you could do next time (if there is ever a next time,praying there will not though)you are trying to decide what doc is for you or DH to passively move the limb he says hurts and he can't move it. if while you move it as he allows it to go limp and it becomes a pain free move then you know it is ortho doc type issue.

Huse Yo Mama said...

I'm a day late on this, but I'm certainly praying!!! I pray today was much better!!