Saturday, November 8, 2008

Making Memories..That is What We do

I was really bummed that I would be missing the Big Day. When the Dr told me I had no choice but to have my surgery on Friday Oct 31st my mind went into Mommy mode. Such as...Oh I should be fine to at least walk a few houses to see Cole and Emily treek and treat on Friday. That must of been the drugs before the surgery drugs talking.
Thank Goodness I had decided to have a back up plan. I decided that I should take my pain meds and we needed to get our pumpkin. I is bad enough to not go treek or treating. But my goodness we had to have the pumpkin patch pictures, right?
Part of me wants to just post the pics and show you how sweet my Cole looks and how grown up Emily looks dressed as a nurse. But that would make this blog entry a tad boring..and I know we all love these mommy stories...right? .so let me tell you some of the background story.
I ask Emily to help me get Cole dressed and off we go to find a pumpkin patch. Now I realise it is 48 hours before the big day and 7:45 at night but come on can we not just make it easy for a mom who is not in the best condition for this great family memory making trip? I say the answer to that would be NO. Every pumpkin patch was not only closed for the night but closed down..all pumpkins GONE. hummmm.
So after some thoughts in my head and some grumbling about why did I wait so long...I found one..way far from the house at the church mainland. Okay well not that far but it seemed pretty darn far away.
Here we go...two days before the big day. I am on pain meds..needing more . And just wanting to get a few pictures and grab a pumpkin...any pumpkin will do and let's go. But no way would that do for my 11 year old daughter. Emily had to go through the whole patch and touch and look and roll and THINK about every pumpkin there was. At the same time Cole wanted to throw the little pumpkins. And all I wanted to do was take a few pictures, grab a pumpkin, any pumpkin would do and GO.
So as we are there and I am trying so hard to be a good memory making mother. I think the church workers who are running the pumpkin path are thinking..these poor kids have a inpatient mommy and why in the world is this mother making us stay this late two days before Halloween. My thoughts exactly.
After a bunch of ..Just pick one..anyone...stand still ..look this not throw that..pick one...that one is rotten..I am NOT paying $20 for a rotten pumpkin...can we just go now...
We would like to share with you these cute pumpkin patch pictures. Enjoy..they did not come easy or
But I would not trade having them for anything. Memories.


Huse Yo Mama said...

So adorable. Sorry you missed it, but glad you had the surgery and are recovering!

Davisix said...

LOL...what a great post! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well though. I haven't been stalking you long enough to know what happened. I will have to go back and try to catch up. :)