Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Your Marriage FIREPROOF?

So I have not been anywhere in a while due to my surgery. I decided that I so wanted to go see the movie Fireproof. The truth is I thought I NEEDED to see it after I read everything about it. So I decided to take my pain meds and get dressed in my famous sweat pants and go on a date to the movies. My DH did not look thrilled when I said that I wanted to go see this movie because I just knew it was going to be wonderful for our marriage. In fact I swear I saw him roll his eyes. LOL
I am not sure about everyone else. But in many marriages there are days where we do not always make our marriage the top priority. The whole better or worse can get shoved aside . And before you know it you spend more time thinking about what you need to do to change them then what you are thankful for with them. I think this is what many of us call a marriage rut. I know with four children and one of them having serious medical issues ,Jim and I have experienced this ourselves. Hence wanting to go see the movie this weekend since it is leaving the theater.
This movie was a WOW. It said things in a way that I could never of said to Jim. And the truth it reminded me marriages can easily slip away without some care.
This movie said so much to me. It was worth every punce of pain sitting in the hard as heck theather chair so long.
I sat there and just had tears in my eyes. How easy it is to GET IT when you see it from someone elses eyes. I plan to buy this on DVD and watch it often.
So treat your marriage to a mini makeover and take your man on a date. Your marriage deserves it and so do you.


He And Me + 3 said...


It is on pre sale right now at Family Christian stores. Kirk called me and told me the other day. Recording of course, but he was still on my answering machine. It was a great movie and the love dare is great too, I hear. I have it but have not started it yet.
I agree with you, we all can work on something:)

Lisa said...

Isn't it AWESOME?!? I loved it too and my husband said that he plans on buying it for me as soon as it comes out. Indeed marriage is something we can all work on at all times. I have the Love Dare book, but haven't started it yet. I plan to soon!! Thanks for sharing your experience. Uh yeah, I bawled like some baby too : )

Hope you are feeling better!!

Rae said...

Hi Amy! So glad you were able to go with hubby and see this movie. DK and I went last month and we sat there squeezing each others hands the entire time. I must say the car accident scene was enough to make me get up and leave....that girl was driving me crazy!!!! Fortunately I stayed and it ended and the movie improved from there! :)

Davisix said...

Thank you for posting this, Amy. I'm so glad you got to go see it. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it. We really want to go but since we just moved here we don't know anyone to watch the kids. I will have to wait for the DVD but plan to prepurchase it. Hope you're feeling better soon. Hugs to you, my friend. Ang