Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sat Morning Philip update

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There were issues yesterday while getting the MRI. After after hour calls to the Neurosurgeon and the neurologist it was decided that Philip will need to go over to Arnold Palmer today for the Neurosurgeon to look at his shunt and for him to be re scanned in the Emergency room.
The MRI caused his shunt valve to become UN programed and now it is not controlling the pressures in his head.
So today we will do the ER visit and the scan and the surgeon will meet Philip there to deal with the shunt valve getting reset.
Just a simple MRI caused all heck to break loose yesterday. The lady at the imagining center was all freaked out. I was frustrated. Philip wanted to go home. Ahhh...what a
I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday. I will update again tonight after we have the scan and the shunt is working again. See that positive attitude. LOL.
Today is the day ...we will get it done. please .repeat after


Slick said...

Today is the day ...we WILL get it done!
You know how to reach me if needed... in a flash.

He And Me + 3 said...

Praying that today is the day:)