Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday..

I so did NOT sit here this morning thinking should I really tell this or that?
I did NOT go to Starbucks this past week with my gift card and hear a bunch of ladies asking the other customer about her shirt .
I did NOT then ask the lady to unzip her jacket so I could see her shirt. That would be odd. LOL
I did NOT hear the lady telling the other lady she was going to go buy three for herself and her daughter in laws.
And I know I did NOT then ask the lady with the unzipped jacket with the cute as heck shirt on where she got it.
I also know that I did NOT ask her what size it was because she said she wish she had gotten a size smaller.
And I know I would NOT say okay when she said here look down the back of my shirt to see if you can see the tag.
Ladies..This shirt was so NOT worth it..wink wink.
As I left the Starbucks lady said you are NOT going to go buy the last of the shirts are you?
I said NO.
I did NOT go straight to Ross and find the clerk and say ...where are the cute shirts that say FAITH HOPE LOVE on them.
I did NOT spend a hour digging through the racks getting one in each color and size to go home to get the best fit.
I did NOT look at the door a few times to watch for her knowing her shift ended at 3 PM.
I will NOT wear a jacket when I go to Starbucks to finish using my gift card..when that lady is working.
I did NOT wear the same shirt for two days and sleep in it because I was just ...lazy..tired...loved it...found it..won the find the shirt first battle..Oops..sorry I did NOT just get carried away.
I did NOT laugh at my DH and tell him to man up a nights ago when he was going on and on about how cold he was. I told him we needed to wait to turn the heat on. And he kept saying why do we have this holy blanket on the bed. Who has a holy blanket. It makes no sense to have a holy blanket..over and over ...the whole time I was NOT using the heating pad on high to stay warm while NOT making fun of my DH. BTW the holy blanket was a knit blanket. But to hear him ranting holy blanket made me think we were in church. It was NOT so funny I thought..this will be posted Monday.
I did NOT forget to get my daughters jeans out of the washer last night. And when she looked for them this morning. I did NOT ask her where the last place she saw them had been. Of course I did NOT know her answer would be the bathroom floor. And I did NOT say something like. You need to keep up with your things. I would NOT let her think she had misplaced her jeans vs me not finishing the wash. That would be ...NOT nice.


Stacy C. said...

Sounds like it was great shirt!!!

Shannon said...

I'm such a huge Starbucks addict!

Ross is a big "hit or miss" kind of place and it sounds like you hit it at just the right time!

Lisa said...

Ok, I am laughing so hard right now that I could pee my pants. You so have to take a picture of this shirt that you bought and post it. Go on, go ahead and take the picture already (lol). Too funny about the holy blanket too!! Oh, I so needed that laugh and thank you dear friend for it!!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ok, now you have to take a picture of the shirt. I have to see it!

Rae said...

Great "Not me" Monday!!!

Florida Girl said...

I loved your not me's. You made me laugh & laugh- I can so relate! Sorry I haven't checked in in a few days, but I haven't forgotten you & your family in my prayers. I hope you find great joy in something today.

Davisix said...

LOL...GREAT NMM, Amy! I was laughing ALLLLL the way through. Gotta go find one of those shirts now. ;) xoxox Ang

He And Me + 3 said...

That is so funny about the shirt. Oh, I do that all the time with hubby's clothes. Oops. Would love to see a picture of said shirt.

LucieP said...

ok lady-cough up a pic of the shirt! ;)~

JANE said...

I'm with everybody else on this one, we need a pic or two of that skirt!!

Keyona said...

Well until she does her own laundry there should be no complaints! :o)

Keli said...

Hahahaha! I so want one of those shirts! NOW! What is a Ross? I'm googling for this shirt right now! xo Keli