Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time To Unwrap My Blog

Have you ever had a package that is all wrapped up with the perfect paper and bows.? You hate the idea of messing it up? But then you keep looking at the package and think...I bet there is something really cool inside? Well that is kind of what I have been thinking about this blog. Deep down I think there could be something really cool that might happen if I start this blog. So instead of starting my blog I have been reading other blogs. I have spent quite a bit of time reading or maybe I should call it stalking some ladies who have wonderful blogs. In truth I am a little worried my blog may pale in comparison to the wonderful blogs I have read. So I have two choices. Keep my blog blank and look at it everyday. Log on ,jump in and blog.So if some of you are willing to read...I am ready to unwrap my blog and see what cool things I can learn about myself and all of you.
Thank you Danielle for being so patient and helpful with the design of my blog. You were wonderful to work with.


Lisa said...

WOOHOO - Your very 1st official post. I am so proud of you for taking that leap and joining the wonderful world of blogging. You too will soon have to join the bloggers anonymous club (lol). Just have fun with it, be yourself and you soon will have a load of followers "stalking" you too.

bluesuede said...

Amy, thank you for sharing your life with us.