Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday..

Well I could just say...I am not going to do this today because my nerves are a mess and I am not in the mood. But you know I am NOT giving in to that. So while I wait to know what we are going to do to help make Philip better ...I will share with you some things I so DID NOT do this week. I am also including one from a while ago because it is so classic I know you all will love it too much for me to keep to myself.
1. I so DID NOT run out of fresh clean sheets this week after some children in bed issues and decided to just buy a cheap pair at walmart while the other three sets are waiting to be washed. That would be plain lazy and well silly.
2. I DID NOT wait to see if my family liked a meal my friend brought me during my recovery from my operation ..and since they liked it..not correct them when they said they enjoyed me cooking it. I mean why correct them. LOL
3. I DID NOT mention to the DR today for Philip that we needed to ween off a certain drug because I was worried they would not let me go to drug rehab and hold his hand...The sad thing was..I was being half serious.
4. I also DID NOT tell the same DR that I think it would be best for me to start licking the meds before I give them to Philip because I am stressing a lot lately. He then smiled and me and said..that may not be a bad idea.
5. I DID NOT tell my son Philip that I thought we needed to work on his eye brows and make them nice and neat . I DID NOT swear to him that I knew what I was doing. And then wax his eye brow off by accident. Well no..let me back up. I waxed half of it off and then ran and told my DH I made a bad mistake ..and to help me..He said all there was to do was wax it all off. OMG..that would make me a awful mom IF that had happened.
6. And last..I DID NOT tell Philip that everything was okay as he asked me if there was a issue when I jumped up to get his dad. And I DID not tell him to not mention it to my MIL..who happens to live on our street. I mean if I had done that ..everyone would still be talking about that a year later.


Davisix said...

Oh my goodness Amy...I'm about to piddle my pants over here! You are cracking me up!!!! Great, great list. {hugs} to you.

bluesuede said...

Amy, it's amazing that you still have such a great sense of humor with all you have been through. You always make me laugh.

He And Me + 3 said...

OH My...that is just funny! I am still laughing about the brow.

Barbara B said...

I need to learn from you how to keep a sense of humor when stress is all around me. You and Philip are in my thoughts and I hope things will start to turn around.

Stacy C. said...

My kids wouldn't even let me get close enough to wax their brow. Hey it's hair it'll grow!