Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning Philip Thoughts

Thank God it is morning. I can now do something to help Philip. After speaking to the PT I knew that the ER would be of no help last night. There role is to control pain. I have more pain meds here then I know what to do with. I know a few of you may be laughing cause I have been taking meds for my surgery...I am talking about Philip pain meds. So last night I gave him a large dose and some nerve type pain meds and he laid down miserable all night long. Poor guy.
I have been thinking all night which DR is the best one to call. I think the Neuro Dr is the one I will start with. Since his arm is feeling on fire and not able to move I think it is his area and not a structure issue for our Ortho DR. I will know more when they open. We also need to make sure this is not a issue with the brain and the cyst on the brain stem. I also know he did have a syrnix that showed up on a MRI. That can be a serious issue that can require surgery. He was not a good candidate for this operation since it is brain and spine operation. He has had so much work on both. His was small in size and we were going to just watch it. So many issues, so few answers. Maybe one day soon.
I will admit...seeing Philip in this mush pain with his side that is not the stroke side hurts my heart. It scares him . And well me too. I just know everything will be okay. It has to. But you know there is a side of me that is just said enough already. ENOUGH. He is young and handsome and I want him whole and happy and healthy. Please.
So I am pretty worked up on about 2 hrs of sleep and waiting for that clock to hit 9 am.
Please pray that we can get some answers today. As a mom I need to help Philip today. And Philip needs to have use out of one of his arms and hand.
Thank my new blog friends. What a nice feeling to be able to come here and share laughs. But when things gets serious and scary. I know I can count on you also. I is a nice feeling.
I will update later today.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I will for sure be praying for Phillip and your family. I am new to your blog so, I am going to thumb around and get the story. You have a beautiful family and a wonderful blog. Not to mention a great attitude for 2 hours of sleep. My prayers are with you.

Davisix said...

Praying Amy, and anxiously awaiting the update. xoxox Ang

Jen said...

I will hold you and your family in my thoughts and prayers today. I am actually saying a prayer right now. Blessings.

He And Me + 3 said...

Will continue to pray. Keep us updated please.