Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DH Update

Today we saw the specialist. It was a good appt. The thought is his BP is high because there was a bleed from the epidural he had last week. This was not a good thing. The new MRI showed that he is just going to need to go ahead and get a procedure done. There were two choices.
One where it was vauge on the outcome and not a sure thing...a simpler procedure but in the end it was a gamble.
The one that was decided on will be done with a Neurosurgeon. They are faxing the paperwork over tomorrow. So we are hopeful that we should get some info on a appt date. This procedure is more involved BUT it is a more sure fix. So in the end it was what was needed. We can not afford to half do and hope for the best. Plus the DR said with his BP issues. The open procedure would make it easier to see what needs to be done.
Until then Jim is not able to work. I am crushed about what this means for us with our bills. And he is on BP meds around the clock.
Tomorrow we should get some dates and times.
I think in the end..this is a good thing. A plan of action .....


Prudentia said...

Hugs to you all. And lots of prayer cover.

annie kelleher said...

hope you are feeling a bit better yourself!... xoxox... annie

Lisa said...

OMGoodness... I am so sorry that you all have to go through all of these trials and tribulations. I am thinking about you and always keeping you in my prayers!!


misty said...

I'm reading these backwards, lol..Praying things work out for Jim and he gets better very soon!

Gran to Angels said...

By the way.....what a great picture by Prudentia's post....I wonder who took that? LOL!

Amy B said...

Jim has been taken out of work until he can have his BP under control and the operation done on his back. He has a appt with the neurosurgeon March 4th for the surgery. He is on a waiting list to get in sooner.
I will be so relived when his back is fixed, he is out of pain. The BP is back to normal and he is able to work. Baby steps..