Friday, February 27, 2009

My Pay It Forward Box..Thank You Lisa.

What a nice treat...I LOVE getting a box by my front door. So nothing better then coming from the dreaded Dr appt and seeing a box...and then seeing your name on that box...and my mind goes to what in the world can that be..and oh please let it be for me..Okay...I know that is childish..but you know you want your name on it also...right? Then I remembered my sweet friend Lisa and her awesome giveaway that I was so lucky to win. I then did a little woo hoo dance..Ha
I ripped open the box and was thrilled to see all the goodies. A kit to grow me some pretty Forget me nots..a magnetic list to put on my fridge to make a list for Jim for the journal which will be used often..some wonderful recipie cards with a recipie for Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole written on it to start..and one of my favorites is a cute frame for the fridge with punch out words to put on the fride...I LOVE this...She did a great job picking out some great things..and they will go perfect in my kitchen...
Thank You Lisa...I love them all.
In the next week I will be doing my own Pay it be sure to check back..


annie kelleher said...

what a great surprise!!!

Lisa said...

Glad you liked it all. There is one more recipe in there that I thought I would share. It is my own secret recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce (Mmmm yummy). Hope you enjoy them and use it often.


Ricardo said...

Very interesting :D