Friday, February 27, 2009

"Where In The World Did She Hide The Pink"

Okay Okay Okay..I know you are saying my gosh go get some dang pick or order some..let me just tell you all something..I will admit I did go on ebay..NOT that I would of ordered it but I wanted to SEE it..lmbo..They did not seem to have the Fresh and Clean scent body wash one I like...good thing cause I may of hit buy without thinking ..sometimes pain pills can do that..and sometimes good old fashion I want my dang PINK smell good stuff can do that..
Okay back to my rant...yes I said rant. Vent is one .maybe two post..but I am at three post and I plan to keep posting until the little brat..I mean my precious pre teen gives up the goods or I find them. And for those who follow and want to not read not stop following cause I will hunt you down..I NEED my followers...Okay.
I have needs..They are PINK and FOLLOWERS..and not in that order..
I have issues..and not mental ones..and some of you who say But I do have so many serious things going on. Just let me vent I mean rant a little more about my sweet darling selfish preteen...I promise I am trying to let it go. And I will ..when I find the pink..or I wear her down. She can not win. Because if she does now at 12..what will happen when she is 13 and then 14 and 15 and well you know..
Back to my rant. I was kind of getting over the PINK . Well sorta...cause ebay did not have it..and well I am a adult and I was not going to let her know it was getting to me. So this morning I was being a sweet mom. I had to get up to go to the dreaded treatment . I climbed in her bed and cuddled with her and said time to get I got closer all I could smell is ...yep that dang PINK. Hummmmmmmm...
So whatever right..NO not whatever..My sweet preteen comes in my room to tell me bye before school and she has on my shirt and my hoop earrings. She had a cute smile on her face and said..I LOVE your taste I explain to her...Hey Emily..that is my shirt and we are not sharing. Know what she says..okay I will tell you. She says..well if it is in my closet I get to wear it. I said well you did the hanging up so that is why it is in your closet..she says with a big smile..I know..Ha.
Gosh I love that girl. She reminds me of me..scary..huh?
I did feel a little bad for her. We all KNOW how she loves her TWILIGHT ..well she dropped her book in the bathtub..If I were a mean mom I would say Karma..But instead I just said..Oh honey..I am sorry..but you sure so smell good ..wink.
I already found her a used copy of the now ..maybe just maybe...I will have me some PINK..ya think?


annie kelleher said...

you deserve pink!!!!!

Shannon said...

I have GOT to check out this PINK!!!

misty said...

Smart you have some leverage...want the book?Will trade for Pink!lol!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL I love it. You go mom!

Jamie said...

A bargaining chip...Good thinking! Thanks for following my blog and have a great weekend!