Friday, February 20, 2009

Something On My Mind...

Ya know when you just gotta say it...Okay I just gotta say it...But I am not so sure how to say it...Let me try it this way...

I LOVE that people come to my blog and support me. I LOVE to know without a doubt that if I need support day or night I can blog and within minutes ANYTIME day or night someone will what a feeling of comfort...But ( don't ya just hate that word)...

I really want everyone to come to my blog and visit because they like me for me...not because of my drama or because I am sickly or pathetic..I feel like I should put a LMBO after this but deep down I kind of mean it..

Let me see if I can explain...

Today someone made a innocent comment and it got me thinking about my blog. I had a direction I wanted my blog to go when I started it. Like most things in life...plans do not always go as we plan...I had no idea when I started my blog that I would be having these medical issues. What a blessing my blog has been for me to have each of you support me.

As much as it seems that I have posted lately about this or that issues. I can be fun and carefree and funny and fun loving...really I can. ( I think I can )..I think deep down it is still there. And I promise if you stick with blog will get back to being fun loving ..
There is more to me then me being sick with Cancer.

And when that happens I hope each of you will stick around. I am so blessed getting to know all of you..

Until then...I will be trying to heal from my surgery and stay hydrated from my treatment... weekends can be rough. So come keep me company..


April said...

I'll be praying for you all weekend long, Amy. You get through this the best you know how and we'll support you on your journey. Remember...WE CARE!

How is Jim doing? Hope things are looking up for him!

Hope said...

I understand what you're saying. You don't want your friendships, your blog or your life defined by cancer. And you have a great point. You are the same great person now that you were before cancer and you will be the same fun person after you beat it.

I laugh with you because you have a great sense of humor, I pray with you because I share your Faith, etc.... None of this has anything to do with cancer. (I started reading before you were diagnosed, as you know). I hate that we share a common bond in that our children have health problems. No mother wishes that on anyone. Your advice to me a few months ago was much needed and appreciated:) But I read daily because you are a wonderful support and I have learned from you. You are a great friend. That, my dear, has not a thing to do with the C word! I say this as a fellow cancer patient/survivor. You are an awesome person!

Lisa said...

Hey Girl. Sorry to hear that someone said something to upset you. I hope things are well with you. I also wanted to mention to you that I will FINALLY be getting your Pay It Forward goodies out tomorrow. Sorry to take so long, but this week has been crazy and I normally don't get into town until the weekends. So, I will mail it tomorrow. Hope you like it all and it brings a smile to your face : )


Grace said...

I came to your blog before you were sick with cancer, I come to your blog now, I will always come to your blog... as I know you are fun, carefree and funny.... see that? Present Tense... meaning... you ARE these things right now... :)

For those that didn't know you before C... watch out... they are in for a real treat... as you are these things now... but they will be magnified again.

Now... let me at that person that made that innocent comment... I think perhaps she and I should talk... lmbo.

Now, go drink some diet coke and have a SF popsicle... deal?

ixtapacheryl said...

I'm not coming to your blog because of drama, etc. You don't realize what an inspiration you've been to me. Because of you I started by own blog to keep my friends and family updated on Jeff's journey.

Not only is it easier for me to just type one post ... but I'm finding it theraputic as well. By actually typing out the events of the day - I also slip in emotions I'm feeling.

All feedback I've received so far is GREAT JOB! I'm new to this so it's not as professional as your site ..... but I'm learning.

So Amy ..... Thank you for inspiring me to start my blog. Hopefully it will relieve the day-to-day stress I'm under.

God Bless you .... and I do believe there is a funny, devilish little gal behind all the health issues.

Hugs - Cheryl

bluesuede said...

Hey, I think you are the funniest person I know -- sick or well. I don't think you even realize what a witty sense of humor you have. It's just part of who you are. Even when you are feeling your worst, you say some of the funniest things, and I just sit here and laugh out loud. Just keep being "you."

I have tried to quit saying that my thoughts and prayers are with you because I know that surely you know that by now. It reminds me of when Daddy was so sick and I would said "I love you, Daddy... I love you, Daddy..." like he was going to forget it. One day I said it and he looked at me and said "I know you do, honey." I realized then that I didn't have to keep saying it -- I just had to show it.

Shannon said...

Just so you know I'll still be around when your posts are back to being about your son Pee Pee'ing on you or you grabbing all the cute shirts from Ross before the Starbucks lady.
You won my heart from the first post I stumbled across to now. :)

Denise said...

You just be you. The real you comes out in the good times and the bad, and it's the real you that will make people want to stay.

Kat said...

Amy, you are one of the funniest people I know on the net and I love reading anything you post. I don't think I've every known a stronger person than you. You keep that sense of humor coming and you will always have followers. You truly are blessed and I'm a better person for knowing you. You also have one of the most spictacular families I have ever known.

I remember when you were asking "how" to start a blog and look at you now...2 of them! are a fast learner, lol.

You have any people who love you and will follow you anywhere!! Keep that chin up (if ya can, lol)...we are all here for ya.

misty said...

Hey girl, I just wanted you to know I come here to visit you because you being you.Back when I first stumbled upon you, to me you were real, so very funny, such an inspiration, just because you were you. It was some sort of connection I felt,you reminded me of some of my best girlfriends, someone who just gets it, you know? Being sick or the issues you face does not define you. These things do show your strength, but they do not define who you are. Oh yeah and you are stuck with me, I knew you before this and I am a long haul sort of gal, so I will continue to be here with you through the trying times and during all the lmbo moments as well. You are special and that is why I call you my friend.

Gran to Angels said...

I'm one of those that get to know the fun Amy too....I think you are still the fun Amy! I get to experience the pure fun and joy of being blessed to call you my friend! I also get the blessing of praying for you and your family...just like you do for's a two way street isn't it! I have always loved you for you and always will!