Thursday, April 1, 2010


I wanted to share a wonderful story of Love.  And as we all know where there is Love there is Heartbreak.  Our family has had a very hard week. 

Almost 11 years ago I talked Jimmy into going to "just see" some Greyhounds.  We were NOT going to get one.  And one day when we did I wanted it to be a Blondie..Girl ...and no older then two years old.

As we visited the Greyhounds there was a Boy...Black..six year old male.  He stood next to Emily who was just a baby and she grabbed at him and petted him...and well they fell in love.

A week later Jumper joined our family and filled our hearts with love.  Jumper had been rescued from the track and then was returned from a abusive home.  When we took Jumper in he just seem to smile.  In fact sometimes you would love at him and you would swear he was smiling.  He was amazing with Philip. For those of you who do not know Philip has had 19 brain operations and a stroke.  Jumper was a wonderful friend while Philip was recovering from each of his operations. The biggest issue we had with Jumper was him wanting to lick Philips boo boo's away.

Year after year we were amazed that we still had Jumper.  We then decided we would just go "look" again when they had greyhound day..that is where we found our brindle Rasta.

Every morning I would ya feeling old man?  And I would get a smile. A few years ago Jumper broke his tail.  We have no idea how.  But a amazing vet who works with the Greyhounds at the track said..let me try to save it.  Jumper had two major operations and a short little tail.  He was one tough old

As most of you know..things have been rough for the past year...everyday Jumper was here.  Every time I would be away dealing with Medical..Jim would laugh because I would always ask about the kids and how is Jumper.

Tuesday Morning Jumper had a stroke.  He was trying to get up and I was helping him..He went limp in my arms. I laid him down to rest and stayed up all night laying with him .  I talked and he listened.  He licked peanut butter and I whispered important things in his ear.

Wednesday I called the track manger and through my tears I told him what had happened and that even with time Jumper was getting worse.  Dennis offered to come help Jim with a stretcher to get Jumper to the Vet.  I told Dennis how scared of the van Jumper was...and he said the track vet was there.  He suggested we see if Dr. George could come to the house. Next thing I know ...The track vet was on his way to see Jumper at our house.  The same very who taken care of Jumper on the track as he ran for victory.  the same vet who never gave up on him even when his tail did not heal and had to go back into surgery.  Dr.  George...gave Jumper is freedom.  Yesterday the kids told their best buddy goodbye...we sent Rasta outside . Jimmy and I held Jumper..I whispered for him to be happy and never forget how much we loved him. Our hearts are broken..and our house is so quite without our sweet friend.
Jimmy and I drove an hour late last night to take Jumper to a lady who does cremations.  And tonight we drove back and have him home.
We promised Jumper the day we adopted him we would take good care of him and never leave him..and we have till the end.

I can not begin to tell you how much it meant to me that the same man who gave us Jumper so many years ago was willing to help Jumper in the end.  I told Dennis was as if it was his last gift to helping Jumper.  Dennis told me that he and Dr George talked and they both said they had never known a Boy Grey to live 18 years...

When we got home last night after leaving Jumper..I had the sweetest email waiting..

Hi Amy,
        I had an opportunity to talk to Dr George today and he said that he was heading to your house.   I am so sorry to hear about Jumper but feel you should have no regrets.   He had a wonderfully long life and it may be a blessing that he went down hill fast so there was not a lingering aliment!
        He is in a better place now and I feel that we will see them all again in the next life and that will surely be "Heaven".
         Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Jumper!

So tonight we have our friend back home.  The tears have been non stop.  I feel like I have lost my best friend..somehow he always seemed to care how we were..what we were doing and hopeful we would drop some food.

Please keep the kids in your prayers...there is a lot of hurt in our house right now with Philips medical.  And they are just heartbroken.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sweet Santa Pic and Story..

Okay first I just have to say..Oh my goodness..isn't he so darn cute.

And I love him way too much....

He is such a blessing...

I wish you all could of been there to hear the conversation..

Santa..Hello young man..what would you like for Christmas?

Cole..Hey Santa...who is she and why is she here..

Me...Cole that is Mrs. Claus..she is here to see all the children.

Cole..Oh ok.

Santa Cole what do you want Santa to bring you..

Cole...well Santa what I want is at Toys R us on isle three on the top shelf...

Santa...Thank you made that very easy for me.

Cole...your welcome Santa. I saw it on TV and it said it was ONLY at Toys R Us ..which means your elves will not be able to make it.


Cole...I really like your belt...I wish I had one like it..

Santa..I like your shirt...

Cole then shows Santa how long the sleeves are if you stretch them.

The end.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just So Darn Cute..

I have been up sick all treatment has kicked my butt. I woke up very shaky and really sick . I have taken some of my meds and have the heating pad..I hate feeling so shaky It is hard enough to be sick but to be shaky and weak seems to make it so much harder..I think today might just be a really down slow day..and maybe that is just what I need. Okay I am done with giving the illness or cancer anymore attention in this post...I am thinking if I fake it is not here today ...I can make it a better day. Think it will work?

Is it just me or does he look like his hands are in the praying position? I am pretty darn sure he is praying that his Aunt Amy comes to visit him very soon. I need to be held and rocked and loved...oops..I meant of course He needs to be held rocked and loved.

This little sweet baby has kept my heart filled for months ...I love him so much and trust me he will know it. I am his only Aunt and he is my only nephew on my side of the in my selfish eyes..I am thinking we only have each other...Can you see my point of thinking?

I had kind of thought my sister might not "take" so well to this mommy thing and call me and say come and get him...Okay well one can wish..huh?

Sweet Jackson...your Aunt Amy knows you are a gift from God made just for memememememe...and I love you..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Long Over Due...

Look How Cole Transformed to this cute little man today...
Gosh he is so darn cute.
But not without a battle ...and some nose picking and some dirty looks ....even a are you crazy mom look...

Highlights From Our Road Trip..

See this sweet boy..He said he would help me get to Miami yesterday. He was all excited to go on a long road trip with all of us shoved in a small rental car with tons of junk food. One small problem..Do you all remember he has had a problem lately with throwing up on Emily...AKA car we started with him needing my sun glasses...doesn't he look so cute. Then he ended up with Chewable Dramine..Doesn't he look drugged. LOL.
Now I would have pictures of Emily next to him but and I quote..." No pictures.." I do not have any make up on". Now the make up she is referring to would be some lip gloss and a little blush.
So go ahead and thank me now...cause I saved you from
seeing Emily with no
make up
I rented twilight book four on tape and look back and Emily is sleeping...she swore she was going to stay awake and listen to it..

So as we are leaving Emily says..can we go shop at the new DASH....
Oh Shoot Emily we would but you do not have any make up on...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Aunt Amy Feels The Same Way Tonight Sweet Baby Jackson..
Please Do Not Cry For Me..Aunt Amy Will Be There Soon...
I Love You...
Aunt Amy
Gosh He Is Too Darn Cute..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We Get It Done...

We get It Done...There have been many days that I have dropped Emily off at school and not been able to pick her up because we have been away dealing with a emergency for Philip ....There have even been times I have dropped her off and she has come home to find that I have had to leave in a emergency to a out of town hospital and be away for weeks at a time while Philip had back to back brain operations and stayed in ICU for weeks. Lately I have had days where I have not been able to drive her to school or pick her up with healing from my operations or treatments. And yet...we just do what we need to get it done..

Our motto this year has been...We may not do it pretty ..But we get it done..
Last night my beautiful daughter showed what that means. She took things one day at a time..and she made it through a very hard school year...We are so proud of her .
Graduation 2009