Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Blog Layput

I really want to work on a new blog layout...I loved this look so much but every time I log in now and see reminds me of the past .  I wondered if any of you know of any good ladies that do blogs that I can check out their site..


katy said... does great layouts- they are a family with chronic medical issues and this is her side income.

Ann On and On... said...

There are so many out there.

Rainy Day Templates and Little Blue Deer are two I really like.

Google blog templates or go to some of your favorite blogs and look to see who did theirs. :) Have fun!

jo said...

so glad you are back. I have been wondering about all of you. Your MN prayer partner, Jo

Carla (Masto Mama) said...

I still do blog makeovers!

I am so sorry your marriage ended...I checked in to see how things were going with you and your son....I am still reading and getting caught up.

I am praying for you guys.....and sending you hugs!

My blog design site is:

Blessings to you!