Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hi My name is Amy..

You may want to grab some coffee...or a diet coke.  You may want to potty.  And if you have children you may want to restart that DVD.  This is going to be long. LOL

I have had a little trouble blogging lately.  I think in my mind I have a idea of how I "want" my blog to be.  But the problem heart is not following  what I want.  I want to be a care free...preppy...cute...amazing 40 something old blogger.  I am so far from that right now.  So I backed away until I can be those things.  But ummm it is taking a very long I gave up and came back.  So hello...miss me?

So let's start over.

Hi my name is Amy.  I am a mom to 4 amazing kids.  And I am struggling with some hard days  dealing with my cancer treatments.  I am also living the blessing of having a amazing son who has just had his 19th brain operation and a stroke.  

I am working on finding my steps..but I will do it.  Right? 


CaJoh said...

Every journey starts with a single step. We as your readers are glad that you are still here with us (both physically and through your words). It may be hard to feel motivated enough to write about things. Don't feel pressured to write. Feel free to write whenever you can— we will wait patiently for you.

Anonymous said...

Amy. I am glad you Are back. Please keep your blog the way it is. I think sometimes we try to make our livea cushy sounding when god wants us to show our real lives. Please share if you would like. I am a mom of a tbi. Child and we are very blessed to have come out well so with the little I have to deal with I can't imagine 19 surg and thAt is only one child. I miss when you don't blog. You are such an encourGement to me. Please hang in there any know I prAy all the time for you. Lynne

Jen said...

Hi Amy~

My name is Jen and I want to hear from this Amy! I don't want the other Amy!! I like you just the way you are!!

By the way, I must point something ARE everything on your list, with the exception of one.... "care free" and only b/c you can't be :o)

You are everything else!!! Preppy, cute and most importantly the most AMAZING 40 something blogger out there.

You are WAY MORE amazing than that "other" Amy could ever even think about being!

I have to admit, the more I type, the more I don't like "other" Amy.

My long winded stay just the way you are and blog just the way you do. It is real and perfect.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when blogs are not real!! That doesn't help anyone!

By the way, I hear what you are really saying...deep down :o)



Dysfunctional Mom said...

Honey, all you need to be is yourself.

Lianna Knight said...

You're CAN do it!!

Praying for you Amy...praying for your healing, Philip's healing, and peace for your family :)

Ann On and On... said...

Hello Amy... Boy do I understand your feelings on this. I haven't felt connected lately either.

Hi..I'm Ann. I love your blog and always look forward to reading it whether you've had a crappy day or a good one. Real is good!

(You're package/money is on it's way, but it's Canada which means SLOW!)

Shannon said...

Right! I'm glad you're back Amy! Bring on the 2am updates and venting. Love you.

misty said...

Know what?You are amazing!With everything life has thrown at you, you are doing all you can.And you are right, step by step you are finding your way, with God beside you.Love and hugs

lanie said...

Hi Amy,

I admire your strength. Praying for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

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