Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time To Pick A Name..

It is time to pick the name for the web page for my new as most of you know will be a way for me to take every penny I make and put towrds medical bills...what a blessing that will be.

The product is called Skinny Dip...

And I want something trendy and

So here are some ideas...ready..let me know your favorite or if you have a better one..

Skinny Dip?  We Got Ya Covered..

Fragrant Blessings

Amy's Aromas

diva delights...skinny dip candles


Skinny by Design



Lynn said...

I love the idea of just using "Skinny Dip", not too sure about the taqline. What do you want people to feel when the smell your candles? What are the I'm Lynn btw, just found your blog.


Kimberly said...

I like Amy's Aromas - I like having part of the name indicating that there's something scented going on

ixtapacheryl said...

diva delights...skinny dip candles

Lad Asima said...

hai..i wash add you in my blog..

City girl turned Country Girl said...

"Skinny Dip? We got ya covered!" I love that!!

Charmaine said...

I like "Skinny by Design"

Prudentia said...

I vote for Fragrant Blessings. It fits in with the name of this blog, and, well, it just fits YOU.

CHATTY CATHY 1975 said...

"Skinny Dip or Chunky Dunk - this is for YOU!"

LOL - it's catchy if nothing else :-)

misty said...

I was away for a bit and look what missed..really good ideas..I like Fragrant Blessings or Amy's Aromas...what about I Heart Skinny Dip?