Monday, September 14, 2009

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As most of you know Philip has some upcoming medical procedure in the next few weeks. We are also working on our plans for him to be seen at a out of town research hospital..some of the choices are Duke , Sloan...and a few others. In many ways we are reaching out for anything we can do to help Philip. Some of the local Dr have all but said they can not help him. I know there are new medications, procedures, stem cell transplants and as always we pray for a miracle that I know only God can give.

With this being said..I wanted to share with you a wonderful fundraiser that a special friend Lisa has offered to have for Philip .She owns a company called Live Life Solid. What a great concept we all should strive for.

Here is what she has offered. For each shirt we sell she is offering a portion to Philip's medical fund. I am in awe of the generous offer . We need to sell them in groups of 36 shirts due to the issues with printing the shirts. I have a feeling when you see the shirts and the message we can sell far more then that. Can you help? Would you tweet this daily? Blog about this? Ask around to see who might like one?
The shirt has the words Courage across the front..and we all need courage in our everyday lives. The Shirts are grey and can be ordered in shorts sleeve $2o and long sleeve $25.
If you are interested..please email me ..with your size choice short or long sleeve. Put shirt in the message line.
From Lisa:
Live Life SOLIDTM (a.k.a. LLS) was just a tiny spark of an idea a year ago. We were tired of the constant barrage of negativity and discouraging news that seemed to be everywhere...on television, the internet, in papers and magazines, on the radio, in daily conversations, at work, at home, standing in line at the store, driving in traffic and on and on. We decided to take a step away from that negative energy and fan that tiny spark of an idea and do something positive with it! Slowly, the spark began to grow. The concept of bringing an inspirational brand to folks that spoke positively was formed and that tiny spark roared! Our wish? That our positive energy apparel and gifts inspire people to think twice about their thoughts, their actions, and most importantly - their consequences. Our choices in life define us and inspire those around us more than we will ever know.
A huge part of our core mission is making a difference - directly - via our Giving Loop gifts and general LLS products. We help various non-profits raise funds (Huntington's Disease of WNY; American Cancer Society Making Strides Walk - Buffalo, NY; We also try to help folks individually when we can.
We learned of Amy & her son Philip's struggles via Twitter. Philip's story touched our heart. We all have struggles and battles in life we must face, but, some are given so much more to carry - it is to be honest, unimaginable. We decided we wanted to help Amy & her family and in some way make a difference. We were presented the idea through a friend to offer one of our shirts as a fundraiser. Great idea! So we decided we will donate 50% of every SOLID COURAGE shirt sold to Philip who is a true symbol of courage. We encourage you to get in the loop and order your COURAGE shirt today and let's show the world what we can do to help others by the simple act of compassion.
Would you like to help Philip AND have one of these awesome shirts, short sleeve $20, Long sleeve $25?
It is me..
Shirts in the subject with your order..and I will contact you with details.
How many orders of 36 do you think we can get?
"Live Life Solid private labeled unisex apparel is unique in the truest sense. Super soft to touch, super positive to wear. Our clothing will last from day one to day 10,001. The look is warm and easy-going -- maybe a lot like you? The soft, earthy colors say, "Wear me. I'm comfortable."Live Life Solid shirts are premium 6.1oz. 100% ringspun cotton which is soft washed and pigment-dyed.Our unisex shirts generally run a size larger than an average tee for Ladies. Ex. If you cannot decide between a MED or LG - MED is a good bet...if you usually take a large, give Med a try."
If you would tweet this and blog about it..It would be great. Thank You.


Grace said...

EXCELLENT Product and Cause. I have tweeted about it ( will do a blog post tomorrow. OH... and I'll take... see email for quantity. :)

Rachel said...

So you already know about our order, but I wanted to let you know that I'm so excited about this and I posted a quick hint for our readers in tonight's post. Will post the rest of the details next.

Can't wait! :)

Grace said...

Blog post up... and I tweeted about blog post. Hugs my friend.

♥ Becky ♥ said...

Hey Sister.......
I'm so glad that she is doing this for you. I will make a post about it as well to show up tomorrow. I emailed you asking for deets!!!
♥ ya!!!

Meaghan said...

This is AMAZING thank you Live Life Solid for helping one of the most wonderful families I have ever met!!

Megan said...

So great that they're doing this for you!! I emailed you and will tweet about it. =)

sumpter veterans said...

we will be praying for Philip