Friday, May 15, 2009

Few Pictures Before His Operation..

Thought I would share some surgery pictures and tid bits and then later today I will share a medical update. Deal? This is the morning of surgery..we look scary..huh?

I just noticed Jim has his RHCP shirt on...Gotta love a 44 year old man who still wears a band shirt..hummm

Yep I bribed him for a pre off to surgery kiss. I just adore this kid....and miss him being happy and stronger...I am so looking forward to the day he is feeling better. Emotionally, Physically and spiritually.

I know it looks like I am trying to strangle him..but I was really playing with him....

See that smile.even drug induced it makes me happy to see

I think this was after his pre meds...Ya think?
In truth while I love to see this picture and his sweet laughing smile. It does make me sad..he is hurting and scared .
I so look forward to looking back at this one day and seeing how far we have come.
But there is a little part of me that is not sure when that is going to be..
I pray soon...
Thank you for letting me share some of the pre operation pictures...I wanted you to see that while we are struggling..we still try to put a smile on our face and move forward.


Kellee said...

I love them!!
Thank you for sharing =D

Charmaine said...

Don't know why but the pictures brought tears to my eyes. You have all gone through so much! I am sure in the years to come these pictures will bring such bitter sweet memories...Memories of where you have been and how far you have come. Sending prayers that you soon will be seeing that smiling face without being drug induced...:)
Hugs to you and Philip...Let go and Let God...Take care

Hope said...

I love the pictures. You can tell how very much you both love each other. What a bond you two share!!

eske said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Thinking about you and yours all the time!

Vickie said...

Such sweet photos Amy. They bring tears to my eyes. Praying for a lifetime of sweet moments together for the two of you..


ixtapacheryl said...

Love the pictures and yes it was good to see Philip smiling .. It doesn't look like he's feeling any pain. Would the drugs prior to surgery make him pain free or at least in lala land?

Mari said...

Those are really nice pictures. I'm praying for you today and will be watching for updates.

Rebecca Jo said...

Hey - my husband is 47 & still has a room full of KISS stuff & wears KISS shirts... even bought his grandbaby KISS shirts.. men!

Love that through it all - you can smile!!! The Joy of the Lord is your Strength!!!

Maggi a.k.a. Katamommy said...

What a great looking family, thanks for sharing these pictures!

Lezlei Ann Young said...

This was a victorious made it to the surgery day and everything it took to get there...yeah!!! Philip looks like his

Still praying! Thanks for sharing the pics!


Mimi said...

I am praying so hard for him right now. Hugs!


Shannon said...

Well I have to bribe my 4 year old for a kiss and it's a little disappointing to know I will still have to do that 15 years from now. sigh.
Even with a bribe it's still worth it though, isn't it.

April Swarthout said...



Anonymous said...


WHAT a blessing these photos are! I pray that the surgery is going well and that God will use this surgery to fix most of Phillip's medical problems.

2 Corinthians 4:17
"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all."

Love in Christ,
Cole’s (Caring Openly, Loving Eternally) prayer team
Sandy Daron

April said...

I LOVE all those pictures, truly have an amazing family! You can see how deep the bond of love runs between all of you. Praying hard for good news...I know in my heart that it's coming!

CindyO. said...

Alive, Alive, Alive forevermore. My Jesus is Alive! Alive forevermore. Sing Hallelujah, sing Hallelujah, Our Jesus is ALIVE......remember this song today..

Love and Prayers from NC!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Beautiful Amy!! If anything hold on to that for now and you will get through this! Thank you for sharing all that you do with us the good, the bad, and the ugly. You keep it real and also help myself and many others I'm sure to check themselves and remember that God holds all the glory for us and in him we will find peace. So thank you for that XOXO

misty said...

Love the can just see the love and special bond you share. Thanks for sharing!