Saturday, March 7, 2009

Three Questions...Can You Help Me

Okay some of your smart butts will answer..oh she can not be helped when you read the title. NOT NICE.

Here are my three questions.

First. I Love my blog background. It was my first one and I had only read a few blogs so I did not know what to do with mind. The lady who did mine was so helpful and I love the blog. BUT. I have been thinking of a change. Here is my issue. I paid a lot of money for my blog...and I hate to lose this blog background incase I want to come back to it. Can this one be saved? And can a person who can barely copy and paste know how to do that?

Next..How hard is it to do a new blog..if you want buttons and all that. Yes I know I want want want.
This is a want not a I am just thinking out loud.
Maybe I should just leave well enough alone and keep what I have. I am afraid to lose this background and header..
BTW that was all one question. This is my yes that was one question.

Two. I am having awful joint pain. Well pain in general. Having 3 major operations since Oct 31st has cause some pain also. I found this wonderful thingy on clearance that was square and you put it in a microwave and it had flax seed and lavender..which would be so nice on the days my stomach is doing it thing it does too often. So last night I was hurting so bad..I said..Okay enough..I will get it. Guess what. Yep. Gone. Can not find one with the flax and lavender anywhere. I did get one from walgreens but it was bulky and too heavy it hurt my incession areas and to be honest when it was heated up it smelled like rubber. It was not a chemp day friend.
So my question you know any ETSY moms or work at home moms who make these. I am looking for one in a darker color. I so would love to get one or two to use on the days I am resting. I also thought Philip could use one for when he does his thearpy. I love to support the ETSY moms so I thought I would ask you all. I did look for a few minutes but my meds are kicking in and I am just not feeling so great. I know I am whinning. But I thought one of you may be able to direct me to the right place. If so please let me know asap. I really think this would help me on treatment days and the weekends.

Third but last...I wanna know..if I include men in uniform in each post will you all comment like you did this past week? Cause just for all of you I will go search for some and ask to have my picture taken with them. I am that good of a blogger friend. I am just asking? LOL


annie kelleher said...

you're a wonderful blogger friend!!! you might want to check out rosemari roast of walkinthewoods,llc, she's on etsy and her blog is she is a wonderful herbal-healer person and if she doesn't make them, she will know someone who does or can! tell her granny annie sent you. as far as the blog stuff, i can't answer those questions for you but im sure there are tons of people here who will! xox.... annie

Hope said...

I know Danielle will save your blog stuff for a fee, I think under $20. As for saving it yourself or making one, I have no clue. I'm hoping to learn this too. lol I'm on the list to get my blog done. I hope your pain goes away and you feel better!

Shannon said...

You are funny this morning. Sorry I can't help you with those first two questions. The third one is a yes. :)

Kim said...

I can offer no advice for the blog, I still use the free stuff.
I see you had 29 comments for the men in uniforms. quite a lot for "wordless Wednesday". Maybe I should try that!
I am one of those that reads each post but never comments. I do pray for you and hope that things will soon be better for you and your family.

Aspiemom said...

#1. I don't know

#2. I don't know

#3. Yes, well, maybe.

Sorry that I wasn't more help!

What is Etsy? I hear it everywhere and thought it was a person, but it almost sounds like a group.

Amy Fichtner said...

Here is a link for a girl who does free custom layouts.

And if she can't help the girl who did mine is WONDERFUL and she is on the cheaper side. Her button, indelible creations, is on my blog.

Good Luck!!!

Jules said...

Got the perfect answer for you and it don't cost a thing! It's how I did mine. Go to '' and you can find some awesome stuff there, not just backgrounds.... hey let me e-mail you & tell you how to do it, easy!!
Take care & talk at ya soon!! ;0)

hey, if you don't happen to have a link to your e-mail, just send me on (link from my profile) & I'll get back w/u

Alexandra {{Awareness Warrior}} said...

It will take me a moment to write the info, but I know how you can easily do it.

As for a new one, check out

All you have to do is make a donation to the Jones' adoption fund to help them adopt two special needs children internationally (any amount donation you see fit) and she'll completely re-do your blog. Not only will you get an awesome new look, you will be saving two precious kids' lives! Cool, huh?

Alexandra {{Awareness Warrior}} said...

Ah, on your dashboard click "layout" and then "edit html". On the top will be a link that says "download full template". Just save that, and you have a copy of your layout!

Sweet Joni said...

Hello Amy :) I just stumbled on your blog via comment on Kayleigh's... Go to Top of Your Blog > Right Click on Header > Save As > Make sure to switch it from .png to .bmp > Save

It will be saved on your hard drive. :)
Any questions...feel FREE to ask!
There's a small shop in one of the malls in Duluth that sells the bags of Herbal Lavender for ABOUT $40. / They've also got Slippers, eye patches, etc. IF you can't find any let me know & I'll arrange it for you on my next trip there ~ Oncologist Appt 3/27/09.
Have a great day :)