Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

1. My DD did NOT start her own BLOG and tell me she plans to make sure clears up the story of the PINK. Whatever.

2. My DD did NOT forget where she hid the pink and now has not been able to use it either. Ha. Love it.

3. I did NOT give Cole a Swiffter this week and have him ask me to plug it in to make it work.

4. Once again I did NOT have one of my sweet blogger friends brag to me about their bra size again ...why do they do that? Shannon do you know why? Hummm?

5. Speaking of bras..My DD did NOT say to me this week when she took off her bra to watch out for a earthquake.. Self esteem ..OMG the girl is a mess..where does she get it from? I so do NOT know.

6. Last but not least. I did NOT tell my daughter to watch out for Kara when she hid the PINK from me and that paybacks were really bad. And when she got the "dreaded curse " for the first this last week I did NOT really want to say for a split second..TOLD YOU SO. Ha. Okay sorry .bad mommy minute ..but please you know some of you laughed at that. Didn't you?

7. Have I mentioned how very much I love my daughter. I am so blessed to be her mom and have her as my special friend. I wonder how much longer I have until she figures out that I am NOT really too cool?


Shannon said...

You are crazy! In such a good way!

I got a good laugh at #2...that is SO something that I would do. And the bra size obsession MUST stop. What is wrong with your sweet blogger friends. Stop the madness!!!

Oh, and since you're taking so many meds, we'll overlook your "Not Me Monday" being posted Sunday night! ...... I said overlook it, I didn't say not mention it. :)

bluesuede said...

I did, but you know I'm a little warped anyway. That's why we get along so well.

bluesuede said...

Well, now that Shannon mentioned it, I thought I might have missed a day since the time changed. lol

Amy B said...

Umm...I am just being pro active cause I have DR appt hush..BOTH of you..and yes you can BOTH go ahead and say I am sorry for picking on you Amy..Go ahead..I am waiting.
And um...rebel..just a heads up..Shannon may seem on top of things but let me just tell you a little info..
One she is detoxing off drugs..sorry but ask her it is true..
Sec she is just really concerned with talking about her bra size so I am not sure she really cares that much about what day it long as her name and bra size is mentioned in the same blog post.
I am just saying? Trying to be helpful.
Love you Shannon..Really Really I do..
You too rebel..
Now come on and start with a I am sorry for picking on you Amy..

Lori said...

You and your daughter sound a lot like me and my daughter... How old is your daughter? They seem to be about the same age...What a fun blog you have.. I'll be back..

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I absolutely love reading about the relationship you and your daughter have. It is definitely a rare and precious thing!!

Shannon said...

Amy, I actually snorted I laughed so hard at your comment!!! Truth be told, I'd sure rather not be detoxing. Tylenol is pitiful. And again, stop the madness with the bra stuff. I mean, how often do we have to talk about my 34 D's. lol

Sorry for picking on you Amy for posting your "Not Me" WAY early!! Hours & Hours before it was really Monday. I shouldn't have picked on you. :)

Amy B said...

Okay I accept your apology...and yes Tylenol is pathetic...and I am wondering the same thing...just how often do we need to talk about your awesome 34D's..Umm...are you sure you are not on drugs when you come up with that measurement? Just making sure..
Ya know I love ya..really I do..

Lynette said...

Thanks for following me and letting me share in all the fun!!

I went back and read the "Pink" story and I feel for you, really! My own daughter and I used to fight, well not fight really, OK we did, about certain perfumes we had. She is home now for spring break and I just want to eat her up -

Loved your not me's - I'll be back to visit you -

Shannon said...

Oh, did I say 34 D's? Wow, I guess that Tylenol works better than I thought. To make me say such crazy stuff. :)

April said...

I love your sense of humor! Best medicine in the world, huh? My daughter, Abby, is the same age as Emily. I told her about Emily's blog and she has one, too! I think she left a comment for her yesterday. This could be telling what they'll say about us!

Helene said...

OMG, I love the earthquake comment!! Sounds like your daughter has an amazing sense of humor, just like her mom!!

Kim said...

Oh My! You and your daughter are cracking me up. earthquakes and pink curses.

misty said...

This is too funny...your not me's make my it!